Research Cruise Preparation

Geotracerkitchen went on a 10-day research cruise on the R/V Endeavor. We used mass spectrometry to characterize primary productivity from water samples taken along the coast from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Narragansett, RI. Additionally, the URI chemical oceanography class (OCG 521) participated in Winkler titration experiments.

Preparations for this cruise included net community production experiments using algae samples. The algae were exposed to dark and light set ups to mimic respiration and photosynthesis, respectively. The photo below shows red algae (Rhodophyta) in an enclosed container with seawater.

In order to keep the seawater temperature constant, the glass bottle was placed in a cool water bath.

Water bath
The seawater was then analyzed by the mass spectrometer for methane, nitrogen, oxygen and argon.


Pre-weighing and packing of reagents for the OCG 521 class were also done well in advance of the cruise.

Box containing the winkler bottles

Box containing the winkler bottles