Blog Entry Mar 6th 2014

Just wanted to tell you guys how the tournament went, it was full of surprises, experienced players including myself being beaten by new players, I got beaten on the first round by Rich, it was his third or fourth time playing backgammon then in turn Bastien got beaten by Louise, I thought the game to Louise during the cruise and I felt good by her performance even though I was out of tournament. Brice did pretty well too,going into top four players. In the end Louise won the whole thing and this was remarkable, because she had never played before this trip. At the beginning I taught here, and then she went on to win the entire tournament! She became “the first graduate from backgammon school of Bigdeli (my surname)”. When we arrived in Punta Arenas, she was awarded her prize of the tournament – an excellent bottle of Chilean Carmenere wine. IĀ felt proud of myself. here is the picture.


THE First Graduate