Blog Entry Feb 12th 2014

Well the work is done, my part was done at 1pm 11th, and this is 4pm 12th right now, I was awake for about 6 hours in the last 27, meaning a good 19hour sleep. Missed all the meal courses, it must be how bears feel after they wake up from hibernation.

Another session like last one and our copper will be over. We still have 5 rolls, meaning around 100 tubes, meaning by average around 10 stations. Last session we did exactly 10 stations. We have 24 days remaining of our cruise and something like 30 hours of sampling so it’s a good time to work on other stuff, like the ADCP data from the previous Arctic cruise, getting the water velocities for my first part of PhD, Working on Arctic stuff almost 140degree of latitude must me some kind of achievement.

I will start working on them after I find some food first.