Blog Entry Feb 13th 2014

Not much going on right now, we have 2 PIs for the cruise, Adrian and Karen, Adrian is responsible for the ice melting phenomena happening beneath the Ice sheets and Karen is PI for ocean2ice part which is the one we work on too, tracing the melt water. Right now Adrian is doing his Auto-sub deployment tests which include a 5 hour test run, for a 40 hour mission beneath the glacier.

Autosub deployed

Auto-sub deployed

It seems they made a mistake somewhere and the Auto-sub consumed all its batteries in 5 hour which was supposed to last for the 40 hour mission. They are going to replace the batteries and try again, for their sake I hope it works this time. Their whole project is depending on that. Pretty scary situation for them, having come all this way and not getting anything is a total bust. I am not so sure but I think Adrian once said that it the floating ice part is almost 50 miles deep.

Will keep you guys updated on that.