Blog Entry Feb 15th 2014

Beside the bug brush everything else stopped working on the ship, the CTD cable had some problems with it so they had to re-terminate the end, which means they had to remake the connection between the CTD and its conducting cable. This means the CTD is out, the glider froze and it took the whole ship to find it and bring it on to deck so that’s out too and the Auto-sub still has power issues. Alex is making the jokes how his instrument is the only thing working on the ship.


Sea-glider with frozen antenna


Good for us we didn’t need any of the planned CTD stations around here, so I personally don’t care that much about their problems but I do understand Adrian, when we started to the cold welding we had a leaking ratio of 80% on the second station it took us around 5 hours or so to fix that thanks to Brice making the call to change the blades on the welding jaw, we started with 1 spare and changing to spare at that time meant if something had happened to the new jaw blades we would have been done for, but Brice still made the judgment call on that and it turned out to be an excellent one. Anyway as I was saying for that 5 hours I felt what Adrian has to be feeling right now, the prospect of the project collapsing and being on the cruise for nothing can crush all morale. I wish best of luck for them.

Will keep you guys updated.