Blog Entry Feb 16th 2014

They are going to do some CTD stations tonight and tomorrow, which we are interested in. Brice is thinking about not taking double samples anymore and switching to one sample for each Niskin, meaning we can sample around two hundred depths instead of one hundred with our remaining copper rolls. It will be an eighteen hour marathon, you guys may not believe it but I really welcome the thought of working right now since it is getting a bit depressing away from home, not being able to talk with Fatemeh (my wife) for another 20 days is bugging me, a good work will be enough for another two or three days of resting and sleeping and not thinking.

For the past few days I was watching TV series, watched seven seasons of House, three seasons of Spartacus and three seasons of Game of thrones, the last one was pretty good. I should really pay respect to whoever put all those TV series on the ship share drive.

Last night when I was talking about game of thrones with Brice and that I would have started to read the book it was based on if we had internet, he told me that there is a massive archive of E-books on the share drive and suggested that I take a look at them. The archive turned out to be awesome in every right. Thirty five gigabytes of e-books sorted by type and author and luckily for me it had the series “the song of Ice and Fire” the series which game of thrones was based on. It also has a good collection of science-fiction books, some of them I used to read in Farsi when I was in high school ,I couldn’t bring them with me to US when we moved, now I can read the original books, it will be fun, copied the who archive to my hard disk.


Will keep you guys updated.